Anglesea Adventurethon


With transitiion opening at 530 ,I thought my late start at 0610 was going to be a problem bot soon discovered the laid back atmosphere compared to¬† triathlon . After setting up transition and getting the boat to the beach we waited. patiently on the beach. We had step back from our craft for a …

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We started the day in Wien with a run before a huge breakfast at the hotel we stayed in.We arrived in Munich after a 4 hour train trip from Wien. It was a scenic ride with lots of fields, mountain ranges, tunnels and pretty villages. In Munich we stayed a couple streets from the railway …

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We traveled by train from Prague to Wien (Vienna) which is very confusing with all the different spelling of towns. Their railway stations are like our airports! We’ve had reserved seats all along as you would on a fight and it only cost a few Euros extra but every train trip there has been incidents …

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