Port and Starboard

By now you will all know we were involved in a collision at the start of leg 3 and are in port awaiting repairs. I was interviewed about the race and life recently and some of the questions were ‘what do you fear the worst could happen’ ‘what if we didn’t return etc. I …

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Oh What a Night

8th November wind had built to 40 odd knots and we were heading into it. Got on deck and the comment from Will , offgoing watch leader was that the wind and sea seemed to be easing. Indeed when I got back to the helm, where Luke was still steering , the wind was around …

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November 6,7,8

November 6

Just more of the same on starboard tack. 90 to 110 wind angle 1 reef in the main yankee 2 and staysail. 105 degree course across the waves toward Cape Town. The yachts to our South have made ground on us overnight .2nd to 7th place is going to be close. …

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