August 4, 2015

We started the day in Wien with a run before a huge breakfast at the hotel we stayed in.We arrived in Munich after a 4 hour train trip from Wien. It was a scenic ride with lots of fields, mountain ranges, tunnels and pretty villages. In Munich we stayed a… Read more



August 2, 2015

We traveled by train from Prague to Wien (Vienna) which is very confusing with all the different spelling of towns. Their railway stations are like our airports! We’ve had reserved seats all along as you would on a fight and it only cost a few Euros extra but every train… Read more


Prague to Vienna

August 1, 2015

After a run round the park and packing our gear we walked round the corner to a little cafe for breakfast. Check out the receipt ; 4 coffes,2 croissants,2 lots scrambled eggs, bread, for 347 crowns =$19.20 Aus ! Walked to the train station and boarded the train for Vienna.… Read more


Circles in Prague

July 31, 2015

Arrived in Prague by train from Berlin in the evening and while heading to our accommodation had a treacherous time crossing one of the intersections only to find later that there was a safe passage via a tunnel. We are staying near the Wencelesas square area and walked a short… Read more


Fernsehturm and Siegessäule Berlin

July 28, 2015

Last day in Berlin ,after Rick had run through the Tiergarten, we first spent walking round the beautiful gardens. When in this are you can always see the Siegessäule,the Victory Column, its gold Eagle atop glistening at all angles. It is situated in the middle of a roundabout with 6… Read more



July 28, 2015

We walked about 3km in the rain from our air bnb to Copenhagen railway station with our heavier bags now that I’ve bought a couple of things in Bergen. Taking a bus or taxi would probably have been smarter! The train trip took 7 hours and our train was 4… Read more


Denmark to Germany

July 26, 2015

Travelled on the train from Copenhagen to Berlin via Hamburg. On the way the train is driven onto a ferry for the trip from one island to another across the Denmark German border. A not for Mr Abbott – windpower on BOTH  shores ! More on the trip later …. Read more



July 25, 2015

We arrived in Copenhagen after a one hour flight from Bergen on Nowergeian Airlines which has a lots of leg room probably become of all the tall Norwegian people! We took the train to the Christianshava area where we are in a air bnb which consists of a mattress on… Read more



July 22, 2015

We’ve had a great time in Bergen despite the cool weather. Yesterday we walked straight up hill rather than taking the train and then some more on the mountain. Bergen is very mountainous so we had some great views of the mainly white wooden houses from the top of the… Read more


Oslo to Bergen

July 21, 2015

Caught the train from Oslo to Bergen .The trip takes around 7 hours going over a spectacular mountain range and alongside the fjord as it descends on the other side. We arrived in Bergen at 10pm still in broad daylight and checked in to the Grand Terminus Hotel. #ngg-gallery-3589 .ngg-pro-masonry-item… Read more


Moss and Oslo

July 20, 2015

We arrived by ferry to Oslo and walked from the ferry terminal to the railway station. It was a sunny day and about high teens in temperature. Oslo is very green as is Norway in general. I had to find a toilet which I did with difficulty in the old… Read more



July 19, 2015

The week before the Triathlon we stayed in Kalbensteinberg which is a very pretty village in Bavaria. I spent a lot of time walking on the winding country roads to near villages which were also very picturesque. We had a visit to the local church and were surprised with how… Read more


Kiel to Oslo

July 17, 2015

Two days after the triathlon we left the beautiful village of Kalbensteinberg to head to Oslo. We were a bite late to get started still recovering from the previous night’s Australasian after party though Lil says the schnapps left her head as clear as a bell. Fortunately the GPS lead… Read more


Race the Legend

July 15, 2015

So race day finally arrives and it is going to be a long one , and a hot one. The Roth Challenge is one of those must do races for triathletes but also the biggest in the world with close to 5000 entries , with close to 3000 individual entries… Read more



July 14, 2015

#ngg-gallery-3168 .ngg-pro-masonry-item { margin-bottom: 10px; } I lived in Calw nearly 50 years ago so was determined to go there! Rick drove on the very fast autobahn the 205 km from where we are staying in Kalbensteinberg! We didn’t leave till mid afternoon and got back about 2000hrs! It was… Read more



July 11, 2015

Arrived in Munich from Dubai and after clearing customs picked up the hire car, a brand new Citroen ,and after finally working out the technology were soon on the Autobahn heading towards Kalbensteinberg. The village is a small place with a population of only 300. The original guesthouse building is… Read more



July 7, 2015

Getting close more waiting at Dubai Airport Read more