Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 2

After  our cooked porridge and coffee we packed camp and headed off in the cold but clear weather . The initial track was muddy but relatively open past Bullfrog Tarns. Morning tea was at Moonlight creek where we had intended to camp the night before .We then pushed through the bush on several false leads before coming back to the campsite and finding the correct track which was actually marked with orange arrows – bonus. It was clearly up a water course though. ( You can see the false leads on the gps track which starts after morning tea as my hands were too cold to turn it on at breakfast ! ) . We met two guys from the Hobart bushwalking club who were on their way back and a guy who intended to go to PB but had to spend 3 days camped in the snow at Ooze Lake – he was a bit worried about Paul and Annie taking 2 novices on such a trip ! The track continued over Hill 1 ,2 ,3 and 4 and finally down to Pigsty Ponds. At the campsite I discovered that the tent pegs had exited the bag clipped to my pack – great start.  Anyway there was no pigsty smell and our packs and walking pole substituted for tent pegs for the night.

Precipitous Bluff Day 2

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