Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 3

Out of Pigsty Ponds we had to first ascend to Maxwells ridge . Lil thought she had the track but it was a false lead into a waist deep bog( that looked like an inviting grass covered surface – which I had my camera out ! ) . The end of the ascent seemed to be almost vertical and ended with my right hand on a hand hold in the snow! The ridge was exposed to the cold winds and soon we were on a steep descent. Following the descent we were on the side of a ridge in thick bush that you could barely squeeze through. Being last in the queue I thought I was lost but finally emerged through a narrow exit only fall on the slippery slope with my left knee in cruciate breaking position and my chin strapped hooked on a tree with Paul about to take a photo ! The rain started as we got to Ooze lake and our leaders scouted for a campsite and found an excellent protected one with a free flowing fresh water supply nearby. The rains eased long enough for me to get out and cook dinner and carve some new tent pegs from the branch of a melaleuca. We had set up camp early and with the rain continuing to fall got a well needed rest.

Precipitous Bluff Day 3

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