Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 7

The day was clear enough for us to have a full view of the target . The route started with a short climb through the bush up to the waterfall alongside the track. We stopped here briefly and to collect a little of the clear water . Fortunately there was only a little rain as we scrambled on the rocks up to the plateau – it is much easier than it looks like it is going to be but still a little tricky with a pack for novices like Lil and myself. Once on the plateau there are steps up to the campsite. We made camp where we thought we might be sheltered from the North West wind and I tied one end of our tent to a King Billy pine. The rain set in so we sheltered in the tent for a while . Once it cleared we walked up to the summit , this was perhaps the easiest part of the walk so far ! The weather was clear enough for some great views  and we wrote in the log book. The night at plateau camp turned out to be foul – howling gale , near freezing temperatures , rain and hail .

Precipitous Bluff Day 7

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