Precipitous Bluff Walk Day 9

Well today was the flattest day , but we had to walk in water. Keeping close to the banks of the lagoon we were able to keep in ankle to knee deep water. Fortunately the weather was calm and made for an easy day . There is a log crossing over two creeks well down the lagoon , the first log was narrow and provided some entertainment , though all survived , and second one wide by comparison. I disturbed a tiger snake on the bank after about half way down as I steeped onto dry land Рthe first we had seen for the journey. The camp at Prion Beach is great and fresh water is just a little up the creek  Рthis was the first lot of tannin stained water we had having been spoilt with crystal clear water up to this point. We did a boat crossing and found a few pipis in the sand to use as bait but no fish were caught so the remainder of the pipis went in with the lentils for dinner.  The campsite was now a bit busier having now joined the South Coast Track.

Precipitous Bluff Day 9

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