Grund / Grindelwald to Como in Italy

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Left our self contained apartment in Hotel Bodenwald at 8 a.m., after muesli and fruit for breakfast.  Took train to Interlaken , then up to Luzern, then got on the fast train to Lunago, then chnaged again for train to Como. In todays  train travel we went from the german part of Switzerland , to the italain part; we noticed because the signs in the town  were in italian and even the electric noticeboard on the train was in italian. Como is just over the border, and we came to stay here because we thought Milano would be a lot more expensive to stay at! It took about 6 hours with all the train changes, but was a very scenic trip: very mountainous; numerous lakes; lots of wineries; lovely villages.  As soon as we were going through the Italian part of Switzerland we noticed  a diminishing in the numbers of the ‘ gingerbread’ style houses!. When we were on the Lunago platform I took off my thermals  pants and wool socks, cause was feeling the heat, probably mid 20’s, where’s we’d been used to low teens.

We are staying in Hotel Como and it is quite nice. After dropping our bags at the hotel we went for a walk around the town and down to the lake where we had pizza and spaghetti with calamari and a bottle of wine! On the way home we went past a closing fresh fruit market and bought some peaches and apricots!


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