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So the running has been put on hold due to Rick’s ankle injury and Lil’s tight calves. So this morning it was a walk around part of Lake Como prior to breakfast followed by more walking after breakfast. The lake looks a little polluted and was apparently declared unsafe for swimming in 2007.There is certainly still wildlife in it with many fish spotted and we managed to spot a snake swimming towards a wall on the edge of the lake ( see the pics below) , Don’t what Italian is for snake so the group of local boys only finally got excited when we repeatedly pointed for them to look . It disappeared I presume up one of the drains into the lake.  After lunch in a shaded hotel , we went for a boat ride on the lake . With long queues for the official rides we went with the 5 euro option ” a 35 minuta nona stoppa we comea back” – which was exactly what we got and descriptions only in Italian – though I tried to decipher the French repetition from the people next to me. It was a pleasant enough trip particularly since we were feeling the increased temperatures after coming from the alps.Another walk and a bit of shopping and a late dinner in front of the grand church- though we only had “first plates” and a “medium” beer. All Italian menus seem to have “first plates” – usually consisting of a small serve of pasta then “2nd plates ” the  main meal.Como was pretty enough but I suspect the lake may even be better and cleaner further North.

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  1. Rick says:

    Yeah lots of water inside Italy and Switzerland , amazing Villas round here , alps were amazing have a look at those photos , don’t think I’m missing anyone yet , but I love you anyway , I think Mum is missing you though .
    In Venice now .

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