Jour pluvieux au Paris

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Woke up to a wet day in Paris . Rain just keeps coming straight down virtually no wind . Tried to walk to the Louvre but got sidetracked by a sports store and bought a new pair of Asics – classic – the best pair I try on and their designed in Australia , made in China and cheaper in France ! Anyway took the wrong turn on Ave de Republique and caught the metro to the Louvre . The metro is ever reliable but difficult to work out which trains to take !

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So the Louvre is closed ! Went to Musee d’Orsay and the queues are enormous despite the rain – these guys are going to stand in the rain for 2 hours I reckon just to get in. So lunch at La Fregate near Pont Royal. Apparently the guy that used to live there inspired the story for the Three Musketeers. Walk to St Michel and metro back to luxury – rechecked in to an ensuite room – at St Christophers. Would like to go for a run but it’s still raining.


  1. Rick says:

    surprise, surprise Cara the Japanese in France , Switzerland wherever , do Sushi , Australian Pinot Noir craps on the French variety though .

  2. Gavin Slavin says:

    Hi Rick,Lilly,
    Hope you guys are having fun in Paris. Lilly you are a bit early to watch the Tour finish at the champs elysees. Rick, buying new asic runners? does that mean you are going to start running when you get home?

    Have Fun

  3. carz says:

    Fabulous. Love the pic of Dad looking at the map and Mum with the umbrella on top of the Louvre! But your punctuation is terrible! xx

  4. Jo Brusa says:

    Aimez le blog :)… J’espère que vous avez trouvé 2 some lovin sur, dans la ville romantique :)…. Qu’est-ce avec la cuisine japonaise? Où sont les grenouille? Toujours pluvieuse et froide ici aussi .. Profitez de profiter Xxxx
    Jo Brusa

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