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We both woke up and ran down the hill to the lake and along for almost as far as the track travelled East  . Later walked up the hill in the rain ,which has been ever present since our arrival , to the Van Gogh et al exhibition at an old house called l’Hermitage.  The weather has really been similar to our winter back home so far. Spent the afternoon walking up and down the hills in the town doing various things , getting lost. It stays light for a long time till about 10 similar to Christchurch. Haven’t posted for a few days due to lack of internet access – when the info says the hotel “has wifi internet access” it doesn’t mean it is free or cheap.(Nothing is cheap in Switzerland)

Ran again this morning a bit longer this time. After purchasing a new charger for Lil’s camera we got a card to rent bikes for 24 hours. Rode as far west as the tracks allowed and had lunch at one of the many marinas. Then as far west as we could and stopped at a quaint little jetty. Some old fisho was catching very little fish with a float garfishing style -don’t know whether it was bait for later or he was going to have a feed of sardines. The lake is stunning and especially today as the weather is finally warm with a top of 21 degrees .After returning our bikes we had a drink at one of the little bars on the lake. Lil asked for a white wine and got a red one ! Walked back up the hill and watched Cadel and the Schlecks go up Huez on the box. Walked to the station to check train times to Bern and found a place selling take-away felafel wraps for tea. I think Lil has blistered feet – I guess that’ll make them tough in a few days.

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