Paris to Lausanne via Geneve

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Organised some accommodation in Lausanne , there being none available in Bern or Geneva and bought an e-ticket for the train to Geneva. That should be easy just print the ticket at the station ,except most of the machines weren’t working , and the girl at the ticket office didn’t speak English , and my comprehension of French is worse. Finally had our ticket 10 minutes prior to departure . These trains are fast , Paris – Geneva in 3 hours with a stop in Belgarde . Check the video below we go past a freeway and we seem to pass the cars at about twice their speed ~200km/h!

Fast train video

Went for a walk round the waterfront in Geneva – if you ever wondered how a land locked country won the America’s cup – well this lake is huge and there are yachts everywhere. I have never seen so many watches – this is the city of time. Lunched in of all things a Halal Iranian restaurant .

Then it was off to Lausanne by train . Another fairly swift trip 64 km on one of the slower trains – 1/2 an ┬áhour. Anyway the scenery is spectacular with views across the lake to Mont Blanc and the glaciers . Went for a walk up to the “old town” before dinner and bed – as you can see from the pics the streets are steep.



  1. Very interesting reading and great photos. I envy the train trip. It all sounds quite amazing, you must both be extremely fit to be able to explore so much of those beautiful countries.
    Take care… Love Mum xx

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