Schynigge Platte

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The rain had dampened our enthusiasm a little so we were a bit late to get started . We took the train from Grund to Wilderswil .From there we took a petite little train up the mountain to the Schynigge Platte. So the train climbs from a little over 500m to just under 2000m , 7km in distance , maximum speed 12 km/h ! The maximum grade on the route is 25% ! At the top it was raining , and about 90 % of the passengers that got out took out their packed lunches. After our lunch we went to walk the tour of the Platte.  On the first part of the climb up we encountered some wierd , black lizard like creatures . Lily thought the first one was plastic as it stood so still . They looked amphibious to me and they move very slowly when they do – turns out they are the Alpine Salamander – they look cute in the photos . After a climb up to the Obergenghorn for a look we continued on the tour of the plateau . We were too late in the day to make the long walk to First so rather than going back to the slow train we walked on to Zweilitscheiten. This was a long and tricky descent  with an average grade from the profile around 24% – walking downhill is not necessarily easy! It started through farmland and then descended through the forest which was a welcome change from the more open terrain. The ground was a mixture of rock , leaves  and mud . Finally we took the train back to Grindenwald and had fondue at the hotel next to the railway station before heading back to base at Grund . Tomorrow – train to Como , Italy.

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  1. Lily says:

    Hey JO no I have not fallen over, but Rick twisted his ankle in the snow and had to hobble around for a few days.
    The fondue was half a saucepan of thick cheese sauce with green peppercorns and other flavours, and we had top dip cooked potatoes, bread, , and pickled gherkins, onions and baby corns to eat with it but Rick dipped the pickled stuff too which looked stupid!!

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