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Another sunny day in Grindelwald. After a train from Grund to Grindelwald this morning we walked towards Bussalp and would decide the rest of our trip from there. Being on the other side from the Jungfrau the walk was through pine lined tracks and open fields rather than rocky tracks . Lil thought some bulls were chasing her but I think they were just being inquisitive. Every time we found a sign it still seemed to be 2 hours to Bussalp , despite us following the clear track markers . Finally we reached a track junction with Bussalp in one direction and Waldspitz/First so we were obviously not other track we thought so we turned towards Waldspitz. Much of the mornings walk had been up steep fields with the track rising from 1000m to 2000m before dropping down to Waldspitz. We had already eaten our packed lunch en route so we stopped for tomato soup , expresso and chocolate. On our way to first which is relatively short but a steep climb in the second half there was a cow standing in the grass next to a waterfall. The scenery is spectacular with lush fields and pine forest on one side and the rocky alps on the other.No picture can do it justice. On reaching Grindelwald we did our shopping and headed back to the unit . As it was an early finish I headed on the train to Kleine Scheidigg(2000m) ¬†and ran to Manlichen(2200m) and caught the gondola back down. Just couldn’t resist doing a bit of altitude training . The rain had set in by the time I finished my run and it’s still coming down steady now . Guess we have been lucky with the weather here thus far.

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