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Woke to a glorious Mediterranean morning but it was going to be warm. After a big feed at the buffet breakfast we made our way down , the 5 km or so ,to the old town of Dubrovnik . You enter over a drawbridge , through a stone gate and onto the cobbled main road. I presume in the past there was a water filled moat rather than the road that is now underneath. We joined the queue for tickets to the walls before it got too long. The guys that walked these walls must have been fit as the steps are steep – no OH&S back then . It is a total of 2 km round the walls. There is evidence of recent damage from Serb airstrikes and shells , re-rendering and new rooves etc. The town has been rebuilt several times over the centuries due to wars and after the earthquake of the 1600’s. The coast around the walls is beautiful like the rest of the Adriatic. We watched a 3d movie on the history and walk round the old port. It is busy in the main port we note there are 4 large cruise ships docked which dwarf the Jadrolinja car ferry. After a drink at one of the cafes we make our way back up the hill to hotel Tirena. A swim at the nearby Cava beach is in order and refreshing though Lil decides it is too choppy. I note the first evidence of current here which is very gentle – apparently the tidal movements are undefined a metre.

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