Rijeka to Split

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Our trip on the Jadrolinija ferry  for 12 hours was a bit like 12 hours on call, except instead of nurses/midwives waking us up its was fellow amusing passengers. I slept on the bench first than changed to under the bench on the Lido deck under the stars. There must have been 600 passengers. At the beginning of the night I tried the sleep but there seemed to be an Italian Senior Citizens yakkity – yak, he, he, ha, ha going  on for hours, till finally they bid each other “Bone note”, and went off to their comfortable cabins! After them  half dozen drinking Croatian young adults playing cards kept me awake, etcI must have got some sleep! When we got to Split we went to the right street in the wrong suburb, we needed to be 20km further in the suburbs of Split to get to were my Aunt lives. Anyway we got there eventually and we had a nice few hours with them.  Later on we walked down to the “beach” – which are all rocks – for a swim in the Adriatic. The water is warm here  , though not as clear/clean as back in Rovinj. After that it was dinner in a local re restaurant near the large marina , cuttlefish rissotto tuna salad beer mineral water – 105 Kuna = 18AUD.


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