Rovinj 2 nights

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We travelled by ferry with Venezia Lines with about 250 people. It was a pleasant journey, with a stop at Pula for about 30+ minutes whilst most of the people on the ferry got off, and their luggage. Customs came onto the boat to check our passports at the same time in the shape of a pretty handsome police officer . He made us laugh when he had a good look at my passport and said a gross error has been made against you – my town of birth was misspelt on my passport! We arrived just after dark at 9:45 pm having left at 5pm. Anyway we didn’t know what to expect about the place we were coming to because we’d never heard of it but when we got there we were shocked – the place was thumping – a bit like Inverloch New Years Eve on steroids !. There were heaps of cafes, bars etc by the sea and all the pedestrian areas were full of party people! There were taxies waiting so we caught one with a few other people and got charged 15 euro for 1.5 km ride, and the owner was waiting for us at the flat which was nice and modern. The area we were in is very modern and scenic. All the houses are 2-3 levels and most had kiwi-fruit vines on pergolas or over carports full of kiwis. Also grapes, figs. olive trees and other fruit trees. A lot of the houses had signs up apartment for rent on one of their floors – social services aren’t that good here; people have to look after themselves! We went for a swim on the rocky beaches twice in the day, and the water was warm and clean and there were tourists from all over Europe! A funny thing happened to Rick when he was buying aqua sandals: he had to try on three pairs to get the right size and the young guy swore to himself ” go f** yourself old man” I said I understand that and he said “doesn’t matter”. Anyway it was very funny and we bought the slippers. The area is very pretty with a quaint dock area with heaps of yachts , and lots of cafes/restaurants – the water is warm and safe for swimming – the only thing missing is –sand! On one of the times coming home from the beach Rick decided to take an alternate route,which resulted in us walking an extra 10km!


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