Venice Day 2

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So the run training could commence again with the ankle settling down a little . I had a couple of Venetians to pace me early ; one on water and one on land. After breakfast we headed over the Accademia and Rialto bridges back to Piazzale Roma to get info on boats to Croatia. Found the Venezia lines office eventually with no-one at the office so got the web address and booked online for trip to Rovinj. Lunch in the shade by a canal was then in order . I ordered swordfish , which must be some Mediteranean fish served whole – obviously not a Pacific Swordfish. After that we headed back over the bridge and on to Piaza San Marco – which I guess is the big centre – with a visit to a church  displaying old musical instruments and the story of Vivaldi. A large square with old buildings surrounding it including the famous Basilica – which was closed to visitors as we arrived after 5. There was several bands playing  and the already expensive drinks had an 11.40 Euro music supply charge  added. After dinner , Pizza and icecream , we were off the Chiesa San Vidal for some culture , Vivaldi concertos by an Italian group Interpreti Veneziano – with a very animated small orchestra especially the Cellist. Vivaldi had it right even 400 years ago  – make the movements 2-3 minutes so the audience doesn’t get bored – he would have sold a lot of singles! .

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