Venice Day 3

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After our buffet breakfast we headed round Venice on a mission to find Bank Italia, we must have crossed a hundred bridges, till we finally found it. We were trying to get Kuna which is Croatia’s currency cheaper than the exchange places  change money. Anyway we found this other bank but had to go in one at a time through a rotating booth, it’s like we were being scanned one by one but they couldn’t help so we kept on looking for the Italian bank where there was a security guy with a gun at the front then we had  go up a spiral staircase where there was another security guard and the teller didn’t speak English but enough to say that he couldn’t help! Anyway we got to see a lot of Venice this way. It’s a very hot day here and the only relief is in the narrow streets when the buildings  shade you from the sun ’cause the streets are so narrow. Rick’s just told me it’s only 26 deg. C but feels a lot warmer.
We had lunch under some shade umbrellas by one of the canals, and there was a little breeze so we cooled down a bit. We are taking the 5.00 ferry to Northern Croatia to Rovinj and have a self contained apartment there for 2 days, so we’ll be able to do washing etc! Our boat doesn’t get in till about 10 at night so hopefully the owner of the apartment will be there. We contacted them yesterday and they said they would be.

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