Mekong Delta

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Day 11 – August 14
After a 6km run struggling to keep up with Annette and a buffet breakfast we were met by Near for our tour of the Mekong Delta. Our starting point was around 120k which is 2 hours plus driving in Vietnam. There seems to be no shortage of water in the country .The main river where we boarded our vessel is around 20 metres deep.
The market we stopped at was selling various handcrafts clothes and shoes. We were shown how they made a local coconut rice biscuit and how they popped rice – effectively making rice bubbles without the sugar. After being served tea and sampling various goods from the older lady owner we bought some of the produce. We reboarded our boat and were dropped off in a short while to walk down a small side canal to a historic house where we would be served lunch.
Lunch was the usual Vietnamese banquet we were now getting used to , starting with soup and spring rolls . This time it was followed by fish cooked with the scales still on. A waitress demonstrated how to get the flesh off the fish with chopsticks and roll it with other supplied ingredients in rice paper which we then had to do for ourselves . After lunch walked around the orchard and back to our boat .
After getting off the boat we off course had the 2 hour plus drive in the constant Vietnamese traffic back to our hotel.

Later after freshening up we walked around the shops looking at jewellery and some clothing .Eventually we decided on Japanese for dinner , a change from the Vietnamese. On entering our chosen restaurant we were eagerly met by a throng of young staff – clearly business must have been a bit slow tonight . With the language issues Annette again received the wrong meal – maybe her pointing finger will work better with new glasses.

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