A long and winding road.

I’d heard that the  giant redwood trees called Sequoia were something to see so we headed up there in the Sierra Nevada mountains to see them. It was a cool morning at California Hot Springs, but we made some porridge and prunes  and got going early. These mountains are generally still closed this time of year but have been opened early because the unusual warm spring and very little snow up here, but there was a little snow by the side of the road in a couple spots. There were hardly any tourists or locals on the road  which is  winding with lots of hair pin bends! The drive was very scenic with lots of pine trees. Three main types pine trees: Sequoia, Cedar an Ponderosa. In the trail of the 100 giants there is a tree that is over a thousand years old. They have beautiful thick red trunks. They grow very slowly and have shallow root systems so they can fall over in the wind. We are lucky they have been preserved for the future! After the Sequoias Rick drove the car down the mountain which was a very  taxing drive! We stopped at Springville at tourist information and were told to take the highway as a less stressful trip to Three Rivers where we are staying close to the Kaweah River . There are a few Mulberry trees on the RV site  which we managed to pick but they are very tall so hard to get much   .


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