Berkeley, Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay tour, Aquarium.

We took  the usual bus and train , but this time to Berkeley. We had a look  around the town, which is very pretty and walked through the University of California,  We had lunch  in an El Salvadorian restaurant. I had  tamales  which is like polenta wrap round small amount of chicken, and purposa which is a  pancake with cheese in it. Rick wasn’t as adventurous as me so had New York steak which was just steak and salad.

Today we took the train Embrarcadero  station . It was a lovely sunny day  about 70F with  a little wind, so we decided to  take a  1.5 hour tour of  San Francisco bay it was very informative  particularly about Alcatraz and great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the only surfable wave we’ve seen here.
After having lunch at the markets we took a tour of the aquarium which was mainly a display of local marine life.

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