Big Sur to Morro Bay

We had good nights sleep under the huge Coastal Redwoods .  So after a  big breakfast  we got in our RV and drove a couple miles south to walk in the Pfeiffer Big Sur National Park. It is  mountainous and covered in Coastal Redwoods with shrubby areas depending on how high the mountains were. There were areas of fire damage from a recent fire in December which seems strange but this part of California doesn’t get snow in winter. It was pretty isolated but we did see some people that were loaded up with overnight hiking gear and they  were doing it tough  with probably 30kg on their backs climbing up those hills. There were no circuit walks so we walked  about 1.5 hours total; up the mountains and then back down!
We drove a total of 116 miles to Morro Bay. The road was busy but not as bad as the day before with the pubic holiday. The scenery was beautiful again with lots of vista stops to look at the rugged coastline and mountains that come right up to the winding road. We stopped at Ragged Point for cuppas and cake . Rick had a coffee and cheese cake and I had cherry pie, since cherries are in season now, and tea!. The standard coffee and teas here are the size of a small milk shake container! But you can’t beat that American customer service. They always come to the table and ask is everything ok. How you all doin’?
After Ragged Point the road flattens and straightens.  At one of the Vista Points there were hundreds of elephant Seals sunbathing and as many tourists with cameras taking photos of them! There are lots of large rocks in the water  a bit like our Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.  Where we stayed last night Morro  Bay is a bit like Inverloch ; an inlet with a potentially dangerous entrance but much deeper channels and a large offshore fishing fleet . The RV park is a short walk to the beach with lovely paths and board walk and gardens right along the tourist wharf precinct, and lots of Gum Trees because’ I suppose’ they can cope with the Californian weather!  We heard the barking noise of  seals or sea lions in the harbour and saw a lot of otters lying in the water camouflaged amongst the reeds  looking like they are having their afternoon nap! Everywhere we’ve been we’ve seen squirrels and same here but they are bigger perhaps because the get more junk food from the bins! We went to the supermarket and are constantly impressed with their customer service. If  they see us wandering around the store looking for something someone will come up and ask me “can I help you”. Also there is a packer at the checkout. When getting “gasoline” everywhere we’ve been we’ve had to put our card in first so it is impossible to drive away and not pay as in our Aussie “gas” stations! We return the van this Monday and fly to New York on Tuesday next week so we are slowly coming back down to LA!

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