Chaffee Zoo Fresno

With Lil just out of hospital we decided to have a quiet day in the shade. We walked the 2km down the road to the Chaffee Zoo. Walking in the streets of California has been enlightening . Drivers ALWAYS without fail , give way to you when there is a stop sign or they are turning , without fail – even if you indicate they should continue.  This by the way is still the law in Victoria where 90 % of drivers fail to give way in my experience . The front of the zoo brochure has a foreign exotic animal on it – a red kangaroo. The kookaburra even managed to perform for us . There is a good selection of various animals and plenty of shade to escape the particularly hot day . We walked back to RV via the shops and hid from the afternoon heat – the temperature eventually getting to 96f (36) . The evening in the RV park was pleasant and the unheated swimming pool just the right temperature.


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