Fresno to Manteca

After recuperating at Fresno it was time for us to head towards San Francisco. Looked like it would be another near 100 degree day in Fresno. After thanking Sam , the Good Samaritan, and his wife for their hospitality we got on our way . Mainly this was going to be a drive up the central valley on Hwy 99. One thing that is lacking on Californian roads is “rest stops” like we have back home , they have them but they seem to be a long way apart . In desperate need we turned of the freeway at Atwater and found a large , empty  Church of Nazarene carpark. The RV has advantages over a car in this situation . Back on the freeway we continued through the Californian food bowl till we got to Manteca . Here we hit the shops , a shirt for Lily and a travel rod for me , and then some groceries ,from of all places , Safeway. I got on the phone and booked us a site at “Turtle Beach” which was just out of town on the banks of the San Joaquin river . There was one hiccough left for the day , a grass fire was between us and the RV park about half a mile out . So we parked and went into the quaint old style country pub till we were allowed to move on . Sitting here there is a nice breeze coming off the river cooling things down and the RV is parked in a nice shady spot . The facilities are basic and you have to come up to the “lodge”  to get decent WiFI . Nearing dusk , might be time to get a lure in the river  ( hopefully none asks me for my fishing license ) 


    • Lily Whitehouse says:

      Thanks Kelly. Had some Clam Chowder twice in America already. Each different. Loving our trip ; though today there seems to be a lot of mosquitss!

  1. Amanda Jane
    Amanda Jane says:

    Glad you are back on the road, no more hiccoughs now!! Don’t miss the Alcatraz tour and a walk over the Golden Gate Bridge. 🙂 17 mile drive from Monterey/Carmel is awesome too, Pebble Beach golf club is on the route.

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