In San Francisco for 6 Nights

The drive from Manteca to Frisco was busy Freeway with at its largest 6 lanes  with a lots of trucks and long wide loads. The east side of the hills were filled with wind turbines. As we approached Frisco we had to peel off to various exits to the right and left frequently, and honestly with out the Tom Tom I don’t think we could have done it! Our route took us across the San Mateo bridge , 7 miles across , the longest of the 5 across the bay and towards the southern part of San Francisco. We are in Pacifica which like the name implies is on the Pacific and  our van is backed right on the beach. It’s not a particularly scenic park, just a huge parking lot, no trees but has clean toilets , laundry, heated small pool and spa. It is cool here in Fricso so pool isn’t getting much use. There is a pavement walk  along the beach  then a few walks on cliffs, of which ,some we did when we first parked our van and will go back and do more later.

On our second day in Frisco we took bus to BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit). The bus travelled up some very hilly streets with weatherboard houses all painted different pastel colors and looking like they were built in 70’s and very scenic, then from Daly City we took the train to Powell St station. We just got out and walked around  and headed to a healthy looking cafe Bellini for lunch. I got a chilled vegetable smoothie with cucumber, tomato, spinach, and celery, and a salad with spinach, strawberries, walnuts and small sprinkling of goats cheese  and Rick got a coffee and burger and chips! Anyway was a very hydrating refreshing meal! We talked to a couple from UK who were on the table next to us who have taken the 11 hour flight over and are only in Frisco for 4 days then fly to Vegas for about a week. They came over to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and his 50th birthday! We walked up Powell st which is very steep and went through the Italian and Chinese districts to the wharf area where they sell that famous clam chowder in bread roll. On the way back we went to the Japanese  Restaurant and I had a big bowl of Ramen and a California roll, and Rick had sashimi ! I needed that soup just to warm up. It has been a cool day. I started off with 3 layers and peeled them off and on depending if we were walking up a hill. Our self guided tour took us up then down Powell St to Fishermans wharf, on to the municipal pier where there was a good view of Alcatraz and the yacht race going on. In one of the pics below you’ll note a torn white spinnaker which we saw happen in the rather strong winds. The tour continued on through Fort Mason and down towards the park at the base of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge a 1.2 mile span and back. The walk across the bridge was busy with tourists walking and riding and was not that pleasant as there was a cold cross  wind and lots of noise from traffic. On our way back to the railway station we walked up more very steep streets to the famous  crookedest street which is actually straight with a lot of garden beds in it to make it snakey! Altogether we walked 25 km!  On the way back we caught the train back  to Daly City but missed the last bus to Pacifica so had to catch a taxi from there to our RV park!

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  1. Dorothy Buswell says:

    Thanks for the update and pics hope you are still taking it easy Lily, sounds as though you are on back on track with your smoothie!

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