Malibu to Pismo Beach

After a  bit of early morning hill training we packed early and decided to make the drive from Malibu to Pismo around 150 miles . Driving was a bit easier without the peak hour LA traffic . We stopped at Santa Barbara for morning tea , and a coffee . This is a very pleasant looking place with obviously a lot of Mexican influence .Looked like a great spot for a swim but our parking ran out . Shortly after this the road turns inland to miss the airforce and naval bases heading through the food bowl to Santa Monica . When we parked in the 30 mins zone 2 women in green uniforms walked passed having parked behind us in official park ranger vehicles so I guess we weren’t going to overstay . After lunch we continued on our way to Pismo Beach a further 20 miles down the road .After a stop on the outskirts at Walmart we continued down to the beach proper and found an RV park .The staff were very pleasant assisting us to back in to exactly the right spot and helping us with the connections including the cable TV – now we have 57 working channels none of which we want to watch. Pismo beach is just really a supersized version of Inverloch  including a giant version of the pipi.  We went for an extended walk down the beach followed by a swim in the RV park pool and then dinner.

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