Pismo to Paso Robles

We are having a more relaxing time now driving has become a little easier! I went for a walk at Pismo Beach while Rick went for a swim at the RV park pool which had a temperature of 26 Celsius. Very bright and friendly everywhere we’ve been. People walking say hello or “good morning”. Shop keepers make comments like  “nice scarf”, ” have a nice day”, everybody smiling. Totally different to what I expected! Also drivers very polite in general, for example we’ve both crossed in areas where we should not have been and drivers just stop in the middle of the road and lets us cross. We did a big shop at Costco so  are cooking our own meals and enjoying the flexibility, though it’s difficult to park the big 25 foot rig (8m)when we want to have a lunch stop – mind it’s small compared to some of the big rig RV’s which are essentially buses. Went for a walk out on the pier , bought some postcards. Should have gone there yesterday and rented a rod for the morning , guys were catching “Jack Smelt” which look a bit like a skinny mullet but longer. The guy renting the rods asked how old I was for some reason and the guy said 54 ! – think he saw my ironman tee shirtand was reading an article on the age of athletes in the Boston marathon. Spotted a seal off the pier and several pelicans which are brown compared to our white ones. Surprising thing is the water temperature , 240 nautical miles closer to the equator and the water is colder than Bass Strait in the summer. Today we drove around San Louis Obispo but could not find anywhere to park.. The place itself is beautiful but there was no Walmart with its big parking!  From SLO we took a detour through Santa Margarita Lake but didn’t find the lake , then on to Paso Robles out to the Wine Country RV park after filling up at Mobil .


  1. Susie Kouw says:

    Hey there guys, looking good! What an awesome rig you have there!! It all looks like your having a fantastic time. How are you enjoying the driving, living together bit? At least you only have 2 in there, we had 6 and it was way too small! Needless to say it was the worst holiday of my life, mind you the rest of them said it was the best holiday ever!! Ha ha
    Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures
    Travel safe

    • Lily Whitehouse says:

      We are having s great time now that we have gotten over flight andlittle more used to the driving. Rick is making his own filter coffee so is making a bit of mess. RV is comfortable. We spent the whole evening talking to the couple next to us. Tomorrow is Half Ironman. Xx

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