San Antonio to California Hot Springs

I’m glad the triathlon is done and Rick has recovered well. We had a big drive today  150 miles . Very hilly round the Lakes where  Rick did the triathlon, then flat through the “food bowel of California”, then hilly again as we approached the National Park region. We saw walnut, almond, pistachio trees, oranges and heaps of grapes. Also saw the feed lot beef cattle, puts you off your beef! We went and bought some  fresh walnuts at James Dean last Stop where James Dean was killed and they were delicious. We ‘ve put petrol in the RV for a second time  and are finding that  its expensive to drive. We saw  a huge oil field and pipes that pump the oil to holding tanks. California is having a drought at the moment and we  saw some dead  pistachio trees, but also there  is a huge aqueducts that is water from the mountains to San Francisco then gets pumped to the aqueducts.   We are staying in a RV park in California Springs but haven’t seen any springs!

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