Three Rivers to Kings Canyon NP

Indian Head

Having had a busy time for a few days we decided to have a day of rest and stay in three rivers for two nights . It rained most of the first night and into the morning .We did walk up to the visitors centre 2 miles up the road but otherwise we pretty much veged out for the day , and the cable TV is pretty boring .  The next morning , after a short run along the river and breakfast , we drove up to the Sequoia National Park visitors centre ,purchasing an annual pass at the park gate . Our fears were confirmed that we couldn’t  take the RV past here up Hwy 198 due the vehicle’s length .We walked down to the Park entrance and did the short Indianhead walk down to the river . After this we started our trip to Kings CanyonNP . Trying to straighten the trip a bit we headed first towards Visalia where we had a cup of coffee and a bit to eat and got some supplies from Walmart. We then headed for Kings Canyon via Orange Cove. The trip took us again through parts of the American food bowl , past fields of oranges , olives , wheat , canola , corn , various nuts . Orange Cove is aptly named as there were just orange trees as far as you could see. After a right turn the road starts to kick up towards Kings Canyon. The road gradually gets steeper and more winding and then you get to the snow line.Shortly after this you get the park gate and finally the visitor’s centre at Grant Grove. We confirmed that we would be able to camp in Azalea campground . After parking the vehicle and paying our fee for the night we walk on the Grant Trail to see the Grant Tree. This is a huge sequoia 268ft tall and 40 feet across and 1700 years old. After a dinner of cod and salad we settled in for a cold night  – apparently it is going to get down to 33F (1/2C) overnight.


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