Having driven the previous day from the Kings Canyon NP to Oakhurst , an old gold mining town on the outskirts of Yosemite , we booked a bus tour of Yosemite for the following .This turned out to be a good idea as we would never have seen what we did trying to do the same in the RV. The park seemed busy to us but this is still a quiet time of year. The Yosemite valley is an area carved out by an ancient glacier and some of the biggest and toughest single pieces of granite in the world. The tour started with a grove of Giant Sequoias , the largest living things ever on earth , though the trees here as not as big us the ones in Kings Canyon. We drove to glacier point for lunch which looks out over the valley and towards all the granite formations and waterfalls. The “overhanging rock” is probably the most photographed but there are barriers now to stop you standing on it . We descended into the valley to  view things from there .Spotted what I guess was a brown trout( a non native rather than the native rainbow ) in the river but had no lie to cast at it . There were rock climbers climbing the “El Capitan” , the first ascent of this took 43 days , the average is now 4 days and the quickest 2 hours 13 minutes – a vertical ascent of 3600ft. It was a great tour but the park has to be seen to be appreciated.


    • Rick says:

      Yeah , would have liked to have had a line and lure when I spotted the trout , they like you to keep the brown and brook trout and release the rainbows

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