With buying the Go Boston  Card we are flat out again . We went on a 3-4 hour Whale Watching  trip on a big catamaran out of Boston Harbor , 30 miles out towards Cape Cod .. We saw the same humpback whale  come up and dive back in at least half a dozen times. I took some photos and looks like one shot has captured the spout of a Minky whale that was feeding ahead of  the Humpback(female) -which is called Hancock (after John Hancock because part of her tail fluke apparently looks like his signature on the declaration of independence ) . In the evening we had a big walk along the harbour which is only one kilometer from us, then we ended the night drinking Jaegermeister  with the friendly French girls who are on the floor above us. We had some very interesting conversations with them   and the 4 other young people that are staying in this house!
On the Wednesday we  went of a ‘Freedom Trail Walking Tour ‘ from Boston Common. It was very informative about the history leading up to the American Revolution and some of the truths involved , rather than the stories we have heard .   In the afternoon we went  on a boat tour  to Charlestown . The  Constitution museum there was  amazing with lots of clear displays about American history.  There was also the  restored USS Constitution ,aka “Ironsides” due to the fact the British cannons could not pierce the 22 inch thick oak that lined the hull .It is a  200 year old frigate that  fought in several wars and still actively sails on special occasions like the 4th of July. Later in the day we went to the aquarium to escape the 90 degree heat before calling it a day and taking the subway home.

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