Chicago 19-20 June

The hot and humid weather continued in Chicago. We walked down to the Lake to have a look at Grant Park and the Buckingham fountain. Early in our walk we stopped for coffee at intelligentsia , which was recommended by Loney Planet , and their coffee did not disappoint . Then we walked south to northerly island and had a look around . Lily got attacked by a very small bird which was clearly targeting her floppy white hat . After walking back into town there was a thai festival in one of the several city squares where we had lunch and watched the live entertainment. Following that we walked north along the lake front as far as Lincoln park then back home along the river .The air temperature had dropped by the time we walked back along the swimming areas and I wasn’t game to test the 16 deg C water temperatures. Though we didn’t  seem to do much we walked more than 25km .
After a bit of a sleep in we walked to the John Hancock building which is  north almost at the end of the magnificent mile along Michigan Ave. We went up to the 96th floor where there are great view and it is free as long as you buy a drink . After a couple of beers and a shared turkey wrap we continued back along the shopping district to Navy Pier. The wind had dropped and it was getting rather warm so thought the imax might be th spot , however the choice of movies were not to our liking .We walked from there to the nearby beach and I did brave the lakes waters without a wetsuit . Actually it was quite pleasant , the water being a bit warmer if you stayed closer to the concrete walkway . After dinner Lil stay in and I went to millenium park to have a look/listen to the free classical music concert. On the way there was a live band in the square where the Thai festival was yesterday – seems this is common in Chicago – and free dance lessons on Grant Park – but they start next week when we will have left – there is also one of World Triathlon Union events happening here next weekend .


  1. Susie Kouw says:

    Hey Guys,
    Sounds like your “not wasting a minute” …me on the other hand, well I am laying around in beautiful Bali, deciding to have a facial or a body massage that’s about as hard as it gets!!

    • lily says:

      sounds relaxing. ….. yes we are soldering on with our holiday! In Boston now. Have look at next blog! We have never had this much togetherness. Been great!

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