Washington monument

We got up at 6am and were determined to line up at the Washington Monument which is a obelisk shape which is meant to signify eternity. It is shaped like a one cause he was the first President of America. when we got there there was a huge line but after an hour wait we went up the elevator to the little windows up the top and had a fantastic view of Washington and surrounds for 30miles out! It was a particularly fine day so we had a great view of where we’d been over the last few days.

There are a lot of museums in Washington so its hard to decide which one to go see, anyway we went to the Holocaust museum which is a huge display of actual photos of atrocities committed and displays of interviews with survivors. After that sombre visit we needed a break so went to the botanical gardens to have lunch and went shopping. We saw a pink bride with pastel green bridesmaids having their pictures taken in the gardens! We thought they were Puerto Rican.

We took the metro to East Falls Church which is a suburb of Washington to go shop and I bought some scarves and Rick bought 2 pair sof shorts. We noticed an unusually named restaurant “Dogfish head Alehouse” so we went and had dinner. Waitresses are very friendly here and our waitress tonight was exceptionally friendly. Rick couldn’t decide which beer he wanted so she bought him 3 different ones shot size to try. Waitresses expect 18% tip and they work for it!

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