Santa Barbara

Spent the day in Santa Barbara which really is a pleasant place with 2 miles of beach leading down to the wharf and marina. I ran from the RV park along the shared pathway that runs next to the beach to the wharf and out to the end. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was still moored offshore and there were a number of sailors lined up on the wharf to go back to the ship. There were already people walking on the wharf and a couple of people fishing. After breakfast Lily and I walked down to the wharf and I stayed at the end fishing for a while and Lily went for a walk into town . There were a lot of sightseers on the pier .I am dumbfounded at how close people come to someone holding onto a large pole with sharp objects attached. Nothing was biting . Lily had bought supplies from the fresh food market and we walked home for lunch. After lunch and doing the laundry we walked back down to the beach and I went for a swim, while Lil went for a walk . In the evening we had dinner chilled out for the evening .Tomorrow it’s back to LA to hand the RV back on Monday.

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  1. Dorothy Buswell says:

    Looking forward to the next part of the journey, take care, enjoy catching up with Cara too …. love Mum xx

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