Santa Barbara to LA (Dockweiler State Beach)

The five weeks in the RV has flown for me except for the last 2 days when we are basically waiting to drop off the RV. Anyway we went  up on on Pacific highway so decided to take highway101 down which was just inland of the beach as well. Roads  were six lanes some of the way and very busy for a Sunday! When we arrived at LA beach we were surprised by the size of the park; it had over 100 sites!  It was a very noisy RV park with it being located right in the flight path of LA airport. There were planes overhead every 10-15 minutes! The bike path was very close  to the van park so we decided to hire bikes and ride to Hermosa Beach then turned around and rode to  Del Ray Marina. That was about 20km; nothing for Rick but enough for me! Later we walked 15km(only cause we went the wrong way first ) round trip to go to  Panchos Mexican for  dinner. Rick had soft fish tacos and I had the tostada just so I could find out what  it was. Tostada is a fried Tortilla with beans and chicken , lettuce ,avocado, tomato and sour cream but too much even for me! We really needed the 5km walk back just to help our digestion!. We slept well despite the airplane noise because of all the exercise! In the morning Rick went for  a  run, down to Hermosa beach and back ,8km away.  I went for a walk but he didn’t come back for ages so I thought he’d gone for a extra long run but no he had to walk back over 4km because he had a torn his his left calf so now he has  slight limp and I’m holding my right side!


  1. Simon Harris says:

    Poor buggers have to come home now. Sounds like an epic trip. Listening to rain pouring on clinic roof in wonny right now. Riley and I will be following in your footsteps in two weeks today. Your blog will be great value for us 🙂

    • Rick says:

      Am sure it’s only a minor twinge-stopped in time – fancy trying to run 16km on your holiday ! Weather has been pretty mild along the west coast . We are apparently heading for some warmer weather over here now .

  2. teresa says:

    Hi Lily & Rick, have just spent the last hour reading all your blogs and perusing all your pics. I feel like I’m travelling with you guys, so stoked that you are having a great time, even though you are now both carrying injuries, Bah Hah! Must admit you are seeing some wonderful places and the I love some of your big walks into the Yosemite especially. Told you about the American people and how refreshingly polite they are, and the drivers that just stop and let you cross the roads, even when they have the right of way, they are so amazing. Especially their patriotism, have you seen/noticed the American flags in front of their homes? Keep an eye out.
    Back home in Wonny, our run of warm weather UNFORTUNATELY has come to an end, it is drizzling rain, overcast and only 13 degrees outside (it’s nearly 3.00pm). Think I’ll have the Coonarra burning tonight. Stay safe, healthy and patriotic and continue having an amazingly awesome time. Y’aaall have a great day, nooow!! xx tree

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