Southside Chicago, Boston

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Adventured away from the sky scrapers of Chicago to Damen { on the blue line train} on Saturday  which  has  similar feel to StKilda  with lots of eating places and Thrift shops. We wandered around in the heat then had lunch  in a Vegan restaurant -which has a cool name that doesn’t put people off -“Native Foods”. The food was very inspiring. Mine was brown rice with roasted sweet potato, lots of kale  tempeh  and daikon. Rick’s was, Bangkok curry, tofu on skewer and vegetables. Very filling and delicious. We walked back which was about 10km. On Sunday another beautiful day we wandered over to the river  for a Shady walk as it  was hot again; had lunch in Macys food court. On that day they had 37 foods most of which were vegetable or salad but also some meat dishes. Very impressed with these because we just put what we want in a container and at the check out it is weighed  and  we pay accordingly. There are heaps of healthy choices in America! Did a bit of shopping in Macys then headed back to our apartment. Rick had a brilliant idea that we couldn’t come to Chicago without  going to a Jazz club bar! The one he chose, Honky Tonk BBQ which was given rave reviews , just happened to be  on the south side of Chicago which is known for its high crime. He said it’s just a couple kilometers away, so  we walked over. The area looked a little rough not many people in the street just the odd drunk man loitering and one moody desperate looking African American young man hanging about. We got a pleasant surprise when we opened the door of the bar when we saw 6 grey haired women having their honky tonk BBQ dinner! Anyway we had a couple of beers and Rick had the ribs and me the fungi. The band ,called the Fat Babies , an 8 piece swing band , was good and there were plenty of people dancing a form of 1920’s swing (mainly Balboa ) ! We took a taxi home as we thought walking in the dark would not have been a good idea! The following day we had a 2.5 hour flight to Boston. We are staying in the basement apartment of a three storey house in Savin Hill. The  houses are all three storey its a short  steep climb  to get to the house from
the Metro.
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  1. Dorothy Buswell says:

    Glad you’re having a ‘Honky Tonk’ experience. Pity Paul isn’t back over there in Boston, not going back until August. Freezing here, the winds were horrific today lots of damage fortunately we were okay just a few branches down. Have fun and enjoy, lots of love from us xxxx

    • Rick says:

      Yeah , saw Frankston pier was damaged and Melbourne CBD flooded , don’t hear much here though , funny isn’t it we hear plenty about US in Australia but we don’t hear much about Australia in the US.

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