Staten Island , Empire State Building

Statue of liberty

After a perfect sunny day yesterday we woke up to rain, but we got going anyway and got our New York Pass, that we bought online and it enables us to go to lots of New Yorks attractions without having to pay after the initial outlay of $180 each!  We took the subway down to Brooklyn bridge.Walked over it and took the subway back after a breif walk in that part of Brooklyn. The view from the bridge of skykine plus the islands nearby was great though bit cloudy with the rain settling down now. We met Chris Chesney and his wife Caroline at the Staten Island Ferry because we saw through Facebook that they were here on holiday here. Staten Island is quite nice with free standing dollshouse style pastel colored houses and has a relaxed atmosphere. We took a taxi from the terminal and went to historic Richmond Town. We took a walking tour and a lady showed us through the court house, school,  someone’s house and local general store. Was very interesting to see how every day tasks were done in the 1600 and 1700 and 1800’s when this part of America was settled by the Dutch and later British. It was 5 in the afternoon when I said to Rick that i’m ready for lunch  so my stomach is still on LA time.  We took the subway back to Maceys store which is a bit like Myers and used their free wifi then met up with Cara for dinner at the Heartland Brewery under the Empire State Building. I had fresh tuna and salad and Rick and Cara had steaks and mash and we shared the Key Lime Pie which is just like our lemon  merengue pies with lime and NewYork cheese cake which is baked cheese cake. After this Cara went back to her place as she needed do some work and Rick and I went to the Empire state Building to the lookout and we did the sky ride which s a simulated ride you would get if you were in a helicopter over New York or perhaps one of those drones!

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