Washington to Chicago

Took the metro to Ronald Regan International Airport at Washington and flew about 1:40hrs to O’Hare airport Chicago. When booking the flight there were several options; one was to take the train back to Delaware and fly from there or fly form another airport in Washington. We were telling our friendly waitress about this the night before and she said that she had made that mistake and turned  up at the wrong airport which fortunately we did not do. We’d booked an apartment through Airbnb a couple of days ago with a guy who is an electrical engineer . He had accepted the booking but did not email us back so when we arrived in Chicago airport we still had not heard from him we feared  we had nowhere to go! Rick rang and messaged him but no answer anyway turned out he was on a plane himself travelling back from New York, so we hung about at the airport for about an hour till we heard from him. We’d arrived at about 3.30 so had to wait till 6.30 for him to get back to give us the key! Here in Chicago we will be able to use train and bus with the same ticket, so from the airport , we took the train to  where the apartment is only a short walk from the station. We found the names of some of the suburbs along the way amusing  California; Washington,Harlem  etc. At the station this black man ,waving apparently a transit ID, picked us for confused tourists especially with Rick’s new checked shorts. He said “i’ll show you ,this is what I do,help (tourists)” and  just took my suitcase and walked of with it to the escalator  as he could see we didn’t know the way out (yet) .  He said ”where you folks going? “. We explained to him abut the delay in getting our accommodation and we just wanted to go to a coffee shop , or similar ,so he took a broken trolley and wheeled my bag a couple of  blocks to “Beggars Pizza” as he said Starbucks closes at 5.30. Anyway he was raising money for the homeless, apparently ,  so we  gave him a large tip and he went on his way. The apartment is roomy but this electrical engineer needs an electrician!  Lots of the bulbs are blown and  neither TV, (one because the power outlet is faulty) in lounge or bedroom work.


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