McCoy and Mink Classic

Following day we drove to Parry Sound to White Squall to start our kayaking adventure . After meeting our three young guides , Erin, Carson Ethan and the other members of our party , Jim,Kelly, Lynne,Susan and Phil , we loaded up and drove to the starting point of Sand Bay . First day we headed out to the Island of Big McCoy after a lunch stop on a small island halfway . Lily and I went on one of the tandems ,which were well loaded with gear. The afternoon paddle was steady going into an 8- 10 knot breeze .After arriving at Big McCoy we set up our “base camp”. Now this is the the way to camp – chill out while your guides cook and prepare your meals for you – and they did a great job . We did assist where necessary and shared the washing up .
The pattern for the next two days was simple – get up , have breakfast , have a swim , load the kayaks , paddle somewhere and stop for a swim and lunch , paddle back ,go for a swim , have dinner , watch the sunset , go to bed . The second day was a paddle over open water with and increasing breeze pushing us back . The next day was a weave between the islands , and discovering a shipwreck after lunch . We rotated to different kayaks throughout the trip .
The weather stayed pretty much perfect for us with it raining overnight on one night only . On the final day , we stopped again for lunch on the same island as the first day before returning to sand bay and heading “home”.

(For those waiting the Gopro videos are going to be a couple of weeks )

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