Niagara on the Lake 2

After crossing into Canada on Friday we have been staying at Niagara on the Lake which is a town where the Niagara River runs into Lake Ontario . The town gives itself the name of prettiest town in Canada ; and from the photos in the previous post you may agree . Also in that gallery are the obligatory pictures of Niagara Falls itself which visited immediately after getting to Canada. This is definitely loyalist country ; something to do with the war fought here against the Americans in 1812. The town ,which is small at only 15000 people ,also a cultural centre and at this time of the year there is a Shaw festival as well as a music festival .We have been to 2 plays ,The Philanderer by Shaw, The Sea and tonight a musical performance by a string quartet coupled along with both a clarinet and guitar which played a mixture of classical , Brazilian , Jazz and Gypsy .
We have been staying in a quaint bed and breakfast just out of town run by a 75 year old lady originally from Ireland. She has kindly offered to drive us to the bus stop in Niagara Falls in the morning .This morning I had to drive the rental car back to the USA as Avis wouldn’t allow us to drop it in Canada ! So it was a drive to Buffalo folllowed by two buses back to Niagara Falls , walk across the Rainbow Bridge , then two buses to Niagara on the Lake ! ( plus get through customs twice ) . US fare $4 (which covered most of the distance ), Canadian fare $12 ! Tomorrow we make our way to Hamilton by bus and will be picked up there by Lori and John to go to there place in Aylmer .

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