We’ve had a great time in Bergen despite the cool weather. Yesterday we walked straight up hill rather than taking the train and then some more on the mountain. Bergen is very mountainous so we had some great views of the mainly white wooden houses from the top of the mountain and from the bottom too.  We had our dinner at the centrally located fish market and it was quite expensive considering it was on plastic plates! (610 kroner ~$100).Today it rained most of the morning so we strolled around the city district using umbrellas I bought for a souvenir for Cara and Melanie in Kiel! In the afternoon we met Shannon’s friend Anna Erwens and she again walked us to the top of the mountain but another way via Bergen fitness test , an ascent up 600 stone steps. Lucky I do the Shack Bay stairs otherwise I wouldn’t have managed it. We had excellent views of Bergen and some of the islands. We had dinner of smoked trout that they catch themselves up at their ‘country’ house in Voss  , and bread and wild raspberries they picked themselves.


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