We walked about 3km in the rain from our air bnb to Copenhagen railway station with our heavier bags now that I’ve bought a couple of things in Bergen. Taking a bus or taxi would probably have been smarter! The train trip took 7 hours and our train was 4 carriges and to get from Copenhagen to Berlin was quite interesting. We went over several bridges and the whole 4 carriages went on a huge ferry that traveled the final 45 minutes from Denmark to Germany. After arriving at Hamburg we changed trains for Berlin. We were in reserved seats in a compartment. One man didn’t have a ticket a very tough  German female conductor forced him off at the next train station! We are staying in Freidrichstrase in Berlin in Eurostar Hotel.After arriving here we caught the metro to Brandenburg Tor and looked at the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag . It being a Saturday night there were a couple of limo’s with ‘Hen’s turns’.
On Sunday it was a nice 20oC so we went on a bike tour for 5 hours around Berlin with people from all over the world. This took us round to all the main monuments and historic site. Lunch was at a Biergarten in the Tiergarten. The Tiergarten was the Royal hunting ground but the trees were cut down for firewood in WW2 and food was grown there . It is now a beautiful 2.5 km2 green space .

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