I lived in Calw nearly 50 years ago so was determined to go there! Rick drove on the very fast autobahn the 205 km from where we are staying in Kalbensteinberg! We didn’t leave till mid afternoon and got back about 2000hrs! It was a beautiful drive though fields of grapes corn wheat rye forests both natural and plantation; and lots of solar panel farms! Calw is hilly and very scenic. There’s a lot of those classic German houses with black visible wood frames. Cause its very late in the day we had a brief walk around the old part of town had Chinese for dinner then had coffee and Black Forest cake and drove home. There was a three car accident on the autobahn on the way there. I wonder what their road accident statistics are compared to ours. I get a bit sweaty on the autobahn with Rick driving like he’s been brought up on Bratwurst; Sauerkraut and potatoes mit Brot! He seemed to get the hang of passing in the second and third lane virtually straight away at 140 km hr etc ; There are lots of trucks in the right lanes and lots of exits and entrances. Would be hard to do this driving without GPS


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