Fernsehturm and Siegessäule Berlin

Last day in Berlin ,after Rick had run through the Tiergarten, we first spent walking round the beautiful gardens. When in this are you can always see the Siegessäule,the Victory Column, its gold Eagle atop glistening at all angles. It is situated in the middle of a roundabout with 6 roads coming off. We crossed under the tunnel to it and climbed to the top via the spiral staircase.

In the evening we went to the Menschen Museum which is a whole lot of plastinated anatomical human dissection and refreshed our anatomy.

We had a booking for the revolving restaurant at the Fernsehturm ,or TV tower. The restaurant is at 207 m and rotates a full circle about every 45 minutes. It gives great views of the whole of Berlin .One thing you note from above is the lack of cars,everyone walks cycles or takes public transport. The other is how green it is trees, green roofs, wind power etc. The meal and wine was great but expensive for Berlin where everything hass been a little cheaper rhan back home and a lot cheaper than Norway and Denmark.

Now .. train to Prague.

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