We traveled by train from Prague to Wien (Vienna) which is very confusing with all the different spelling of towns. Their railway stations are like our airports! We’ve had reserved seats all along as you would on a fight and it only cost a few Euros extra but every train trip there has been incidents where one person who had a reservation has to ask another to vacate their seat as they have it booked! We are staying in a new hotel called Schani near Wien railway station and it’s small but comfortable. It was about 20oC today so we decided to walk to the Danube which was about 15km the convoluted trip we took around the Keiser Wasser! On the way back we took  a Danube 3 hour boat trip which was interesting as it went through the Little Danube Canal and a couple of locks and past a wier! I started off with a water then a cuppa tea then orderd a white wine then another wine . Anyway I ended up drinking  half a bottle of wine and was unsteady on my feet but we then had to walk about 7 km back to our room so some of it was used to fuel the walk! Rick fortunately can still navigate after a few beers. Vienna is very stately with lots of monuments to past wars and again Baroque architecture! On the way to the Danube we went past the Belvedere Palace and gardens and through the Botanical Gardens. There were a lot of River Cruise Boasts moored along the Danube that we see on advertisements on TV. We’ve eaten in an Austrian  restaurant twice and most things are crumbed and you get a lot of potatoes!

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