Christchurch Parkrun,  Anaconda Trail 

Our last day in Christchurch with again a drizzly day which has to be good for the fires which are still burning and could flare up with weather expected to warm up Monday. Being a Saturday Parkrun was the order of the day. Lil and I ran the 2km from our accommodation to the start in Hagley park where we met James. It is a pretty flat figure of 8 course. There were around 200 people.  James blitzed with a fast sub 20 time. Well organised event but no photos!

I had to return our rental vehicle and ran the 6.5 km back from there in the cool conditions.  James picked us up and we had lunch at his new place.  Later the rain held off, though not the most, so we headed out to Taylor’s Mistake for a ride at Godley head. The first part of the ride was on a walking trail that at times was rather steep and we had to carry our bikes on the first part. This trail went past some military installations and gun emplacements originally there to defend the entrance to Littleton harbour. We the traversed on the Godley Head Connector to the start of the Anaconda trail. We descended on the Anaconda trail which as its name suggests is a twisty descent which I managed most of the way before breaking my shoes(again ).

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