3 November Atlantic Storm

So by storm I refer to the wind strength. Force 11 on the Beaufort scale is just below 64 knots at which Force 12 is a hurricane. This night we recorded peak gust of 62 knots. The amazing was how the yacht handled it. I reproduce my email to home which never got there as our system went down.

Hi all just weathering out another Atlantic storm .Was trying to send an email last night just in case! Wind was around 45 knots when I got to the helm last night After we’d run deep to get the staysail down I got back on course and boat was getting uncontrollable. First mate took helm but had to sail much
deeper than our set course . Soon after this we broached and the yacht sat nearly on her side for a long period of time before getting control. We then just ran nearly straight downwind till the squalls abated . Peak gusts were 60 knots. Peak speed 25.We had completely depowered the triple reefed main. All was a little bit scary in the dark. Took the wheel back for the last hour and it was then a bit of fun surfing down the waves at close to 20 knots.
We’re fastest so far in the sprint all but Qingdao look catchable overall. The 35 to 40 knots outside seems calm now .
Hope all is good at home. Just trying to stay safe . Cv29 is looking after us.
love Rick

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