Starry starry night

Woke up to more pleasant downwind sailing.Code 2 spinnaker up but the wind gradually dropping.3 yachts visible behind, Korea,Punta,and Seattle. Code 2 comes down and code 1 in the light conditions.At one stage the wind drops out to 3 knots and is very difficuit to keep the kite drawing. We mange to at times gain ground and at other times we are being caught.By time of the following watch we are the most windward boat ,a distinct advantage given the tight course of 90 to 100 wind angle.

Evening watch another downwind affair. Initially a high wind angle to start with wind gradually coming more behind. Variable breeze of 6 to 9 knots. And when the stars finally came out there was no cloud cover and stars visible all with the Southern Cross of our starboard rear quarter. Korea visible the whole time on our Starboard side and after dark their port light visible. Seems the two of us going for the scoring gate.

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