Evolution Watch

18th December
A lot of times there is little to do other than steer the boat. On change of watch yacht was recovering from a near knockdown and sail had to be reduced. I went up to help .First we dropped the yankee then we put in reef 2. On our watch the wind ddropped to just over 20 knots so we re hoisted the yankee .It dropping further we shook out reef 2 to reef 1. A bit further along the watch we shook out the last rèef.
Towards the end of the watch a rain squall came over which initially didn’t look too bad . It then hit quickly knocking us down but we were able to ease the main and bear away relatively quickly. We then noted the wind had shifted 40 degrees and was behind us. Now pulled down the staysail as downwind all it does is blanket the yankee. A lot of evolutions for one watch. And then now on support for the next watch We wrestle the code 3 spinnaker from sail locker then go up and help hoist it.
Yacht is now moving nicely at 12 knots under the code 3 with only 380 miles left to go. Whilst coolish upstairs downstairs is warm again with water tenperatures of 19.5.

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